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July 2016

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) (April 24-September 11) Agnes Martin was an artist’s artist. Her approach to art was so singular, so personal and so hermetic that only other artists could (and may still) comprehend, or even appreciate, it. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Martin was

The Broad Museum, Downtown Los Angeles (June 11-October 2, 2016) [caption id="attachment_9893" align="alignright" width="350"] Cindy Sherman | Untitled #122, 1983. Chromogenic color print. 35 1/4 x 21 1/4 inches © Cindy Sherman. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures.[/caption] Cindy Sherman has become one of today’s most famous

(March 24-June 23, 2016) Architecture and design are embedded in the way we live our lives and manipulate our environment. These disciplines combine the conceptual and material; no one can live in a structure, pick up a spoon or use a cell phone without being enmeshed