December 2017

The Critical Eye by, Phil Tarley Robert Polidori Photographs Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Getty Museum The Getty Museum is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Getty Center in 1977. An exhibition of 20 works by photographer Robert Polidori (Canadian-French-American, born 1951). Robert Polidori:

STATE OF SIEGE REDUX: The power of propaganda Both history and art have demonstrated what happens when the language of politics and its ideological positions have been emptied of meaning and turned inside out. Belief replaces facts, emotion supplants reason, and expediency supersedes ethics. 20th century

THE CRITICAL EYE BY PHIL TARLEY QUEER CALIFAS Presented by Ruben Esparza and the City of West Hollywood WeHo Arts program. Curator Rubén Esparza has put together a sterling collection of multi-generational LGBTQ Latinx artists in tandem with the Pacific Standard Time’s current evocation of Los Angeles’ Latino(a) Art. Chockablock

Los Angeles-based artist Scott Froschauer has repurposed the visual language of the ubiquitous street sign and their authoritative voice into street art that toys with the viewer's understanding and perception of public space and the role of art in it. By replacing the traditional controlling

As Americans we are repeatedly stunned, shocked, appalled by each new incident of a seemingly random, mass shooting by some male loner motivated by personal rage and despair rather than ideological zeal. The most recent being Las Vegas, the one with the largest body count.