Alice Könitz

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know

Necessities for mobile institutions with modular functions shape representational space, its contents and environs. As a sculptor, Alice Könitz devises oblique architectural plans in which a communal exhibiting space can exist, devoid of known institutional systems. The macro/micro shift is an economized function realized as a modernist parallax. Könitz’ objects have the language of modernist furniture but they are invented from artificial materials that only live in a model world, meant for imitation and viewed, not for use. Könitz most recent invention, LAMOA (Los Angeles Museum Of Art), a 13-foot-long wooden structure, primarily functions as an exhibition space for her artist community. Run by only one staff member in a private setting, driven by noncommercial interests, the idea of this smaller and personal institution is shaped by the community it supports. (KG). http://alicekonitz.com

Made in LA 2014, Installation.

Untitled (Rotating Perfume Display with Lavender Coffee Licorice Root) Made in LA 2014.

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