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Spanbock’s large formal controlled sweeps of the brush, laden with limited palette ranges, both engage with aspects of painting, particularly abstract expressionism, while refuting the emotionalism of the gestural movement. The paintings rely on the basics—color, stroke, materiality, and composition—but retain their identity as markers

CAROLINE TUFENKIAN FINE ARTS, GLENDALE (NOVEMBER 8—DECEMBER 10, 2015) Over the past few years, the Yerevan-born, Berlin-based Sam Grigorian has generated a remarkable body of collage—remarkable not only for the delicacy of its tonality and the power of its non-objective imagery, but for its dramatic engagement of

Using an elaborate algorithmic process of hand-casting stone, glass, resin and other materials, Kilcollin creates sculptural works that sometimes are freestanding, often wall mounted, typically emanate a sense of weight, history and memory. They are archeological digs in reverse, placing layer upon layer to construct