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LORA SCHLESINGER GALLERY The rhetorical but self-critical nostalgia that is Lawrence Gipe’s stock in trade has little to do thematically with Robin Cole Smith’s gentle paeans to nature. Indeed, Gipe’s thunderous, cinematic conjurations of an industrial modernism, seemingly glorifying the 20th century’s technological triumphalism, would seem

LAUNCH LA GALLERY Xi Hou’s abstract paintings are redolent of nature, light, and their interaction. Composed of myriad fluid segments, lines and color areas that interlock like jigsaw puzzle pieces but are shaped like raindrops and aqueous reflections, these canvases embody the vitality of the natural

CASA 0101 THEATER Born in Nagasaki, Hideo Sakata has worked in Los Angeles for almost four decades, but his sensibility remains thoroughly Japanese in its visual tenderness and its search for mindful repose—that is, a condition of perception at once aware of the real world and