By examining assumptions in contemporary America about identity, memories and beliefs, Martine Syms’ response contests propriety within art and art forms. A self-proclaimed “conceptual entrepreneur,” her work covers themes as varied as Afrofuturism, queer theory and the power of language. The rarified access to work in a typical institutional art context does not concur with Syms’ strategy of disseminating information; rather, she takes her work to where everyone hangs out—the Internet—and engages with different audiences through films, public lectures and publications. For Syms, these influences of discourse through ideas open up the gamut for conversation, even taking into consideration the virtual risks of trolling, the inherent potential for misunderstandings, and the ubiquitous presence of anything said and made living forever online. (MP)

Website: martinesyms.com

Martine Syms Lessons I-XXX, 2014

Martine Syms
Lessons I-XXX, 2014


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