Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know

A visionary mystic of triangulated psy-fi dramas, Yoshie Sakai lets loose her avatar/genies into social anxiety forums, submerging them further into an impulsive series of mindfully turbulent events. Doubling as Sakai’s secret service agents, the characters prance about the misinformation super highway of societal ramifications searching for reasons to operate on the video games of life. The green screen prescribes a continuum of nervous psychophysical humor, exuding soapie tenets of merged existential passages. In “Come One, Eat All,” Sakai’s adult-child character devours endless portions of junk food and cheap entertainment. “KOKO’s Love” investigates the absurd expectations of gender roles within the contemporary Asian-American male hegemonic family. Zolshie, Sakai’s insecure psychic, leads the insecure clientele on a confusing journey of spirituality, logic, psychology, commerce, and entertainment. (KG). http://www.yoshiesakai.com

Video Still from Koko’s Love: Episode 1. 2014. Single-channel video and video installation. 11:14 mins. Video: https://vimeo.com/106642442

KOKO’s Love for the “Unruly” Show in the Project Space at the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art. 2014. 19’ x 14’ x 10’ tall room. Single-channel video installation with photographic murals

 KOKO’s Love: “Biomythography” Install (Overall/Long View). 2014. 16’ x 16’ x 14’ tall. Four-channel mixed media video installation

KOKO’s Love: “Biomythography” Install (Overall/Long View). 2014.
16’ x 16’ x 14’ tall. Four-channel mixed media video installation

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Max Presneill & Kio Griffith from ARTRA Curatorial is a volunteer organization for the implementation of new modes of exhibition, locally, nationally and internationally, that feature artist-led emerging platforms and opportunity based interactions and community building via social practice type events. Founded in 2009, the group has instigated large scale art events and exchanges, as well as the alternative art fair Co/Lab, throughout Los Angeles and has new projects being presented in China, France and UK in 2014, as well as the continuation of their MAS ATTACK series of events both in LA and other US cities.

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