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Editorial Calendar and Submissions

Fabrik as media platform connects and profiles influential and visionary innovators, features contemporary artists, distinctive galleries, trendsetting designers, discerning architects, and showcases emerging artists.

Editorially, Fabrik Magazine is divided into the following sections:

PROFILE: Focusing on influential personalities transforming the realms of art, architecture and design within the creative communities of Los Angeles.

ICONOCLAST: Renegades who significantly form and re-configure the cultural capital of Los Angeles throughout the world.

THROUGH THE LENS: A dedicated Photography angle.

SPOTLIGHT: We highlight upcoming art, design or architectural special events within this section.

COMING OUT, GOING IN: Art Critic Peter Frank’s review of an art show you just might have missed compels you to attend the same gallery’s next show.

MUSEUM VIEWS: Also Fabrik’s Associate Editor, Peter Frank’s spin on must-see exhibitions at various L.A. art museums.

GALLERY & DESIGN GUIDES: Each issue of Fabrik Magazine includes the comprehensive Los Angeles Art & Design Directory, with highlighted and Fabrik-recommended exhibits, listings of design showrooms, art galleries in Los Angeles and artist showcases.

Editorial Calendar

Download the Fabrik editorial calendar in PDF format.

Editorial Submissions

Please only email queries with Query in the subject heading to editorial@fabrik.la. Describe your idea as well as why you think it would be good for our magazine. Be concise, specific, and clear. Also, please include clips or links to a few recent stories you have written.  Note that Fabrik Magazine is L.A. centric so keep that in mind when pitching ideas. The focus should be on individuals, design and architecture firms, arts events and aesthetic happenings adding to the cultural dialogue in/around/about Los Angeles, as a geographic place as well as an idea.

From new writers, we are particularly interested in ideas for the PROFILE, ICONOCLAST and THROUGH THE LENS sections. Please familiarize yourself with the sections before sending your query. Click here to read past examples of stories.

Editorial Submissions for Fabrik

We also accept queries for potential stories on fabrik.la. They can be sent to editorial@fabrikmedia.com. The same guidelines as above apply.

Each year, we devote special coverage to LA’s Winter Art Fairs, Photography in celebration of Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA), Design to coincide with Dwell on Design and Design Week, and Art/Architecture as our Fall Focus. Please consult the “Editorial Highlights” section of our editorial calendar for upcoming features and special issues.