Flower Pepper Gallery: Artists Across America curated by Daniel Rolnik

On Saturday, August 2nd, Flower Pepper Gallery is pleased to present Artists Across America, an exhibit of original artworks sourced directly from the studios of over 50 artists working in the continent of North America. Works range from abstract to figurative, and from nationally celebrated artists to recent graduates. The artists and their work were selected by the world’s most adorable art critic, Daniel Rolnik, in cooperation with Flower Pepper Gallery.  An opening reception will be held Saturday, August 2nd from 6 – 9 PM. The exhibition will be on view from August 2nd through August 29th, 2014.

In May, the show’s curator drove across America to visit artists living outside of Los Angeles and New York. He arrived in each city with an open mind – ready to explore whoever was suggested by scholars or encountered by magic. And there was a lot of magic. When he parked in New Orleans it was the French Quarter Festival, when he parked in Dallas it was the art fair, when he parked in Tucson it was the open studio night. All of which was unplanned and fantastic. He thoroughly documented each artist’s studio practice and then invited them to partake in the most spectacular collection of contemporary work to have ever been shown. When you walk into the Artists Across America collection, you are traversing the entire country in one glance. You are driving from coast to coast and outside your window is the artwork of the nation.

Please join us on August 2nd, 2014 at Flower Pepper Gallery for a sampling of art from across the United States that will be nothing short of epic.

The reception is open to the public and on view until August 29th, 2014. For purchase inquiries, or to request a VIP preview please email contact@flower-pepper.com

Participating artists include: Adam Roth, Albert Reyes, Alex Chiu, Allie Pohl, Amery Sandford, Amir Ghazi-Noory, Arden Fisher, Bethany Berres, Bill Dambrova, Bleep Bloop, Brent Houzenga, Brian Ewing, Carmen Stiffelman, Casey Gray, Chris Silva, Chuck & George, Crystal Floyd, Darcy Yates, Denial, Eric Fortune, Erik Flores, Erik Parra, Erika Blair, Faring Purth, Gabriel Shaffer, Ghost Ghost Teeth, Henry Lipkis, Hollis Hart, Jaime Becker, James Chong, Jennifer Dodson, Jeremy Kennedy, Jessica Owen, Kevin Cheng, Laura Thoms, Lauren Connerly, Leah Dixon, Marcy Miranda Janes, Mark Rice, Martha Rich, Martin Benson, Mashanda Lazarus, Max Seckel, Meg Turner, Megan Buccere, Megan LeMaster, Michelle Rawlings, Mike Reynolds, Nathan Anderson, Nicole Norton, Pat Snow, Porous Walker, Rick Morris, Ryan McIntosh, Sam Moody, Sarah Taibah, Shaun Thurston, Simone Gad, Sloane Kanter, Susan Feldman, Susan Schwab, Tim Kerr, Tim Sharman, Timothy Robert-Smith, Tony Clough, Trace Mendoza, Will Deutsch, Zachary Aronson, and more.…

About the curator:
Daniel Rolnik is The World’s Most Adorable Art Critic. His articles have been published in over 30 different publications, such as ARTslant, ARTfetch, Installation Magazine, The LA Weekly, Hi Fructose, Beautiful/Decay Magazine, Fabrik Magazine, Argot & Ochre, Fecal Face dot Com, The Jewish Journal, Notes on Looking, and videos on his own website Hi, I’m Daniel dot Com.

About the Gallery:
Flower Pepper Gallery is located in Old Pasadena. As Pasadena’s newest art gallery, Flower Pepper is aggressively looking to stay positioned as the area’s best art source for years to come. Flower Pepper Gallery exhibits contemporary and Pop Surrealist art from local artists as well as artists from overseas.

Flower Pepper Gallery
121 East Union Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

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