A group exhibition that includes works by Kim Abeles, David Hollen, Jeremy Mora, Robert Reynolds, Sia Aryai.

FORMA MENTISCurated by Gemma Sonego
November 12-30, 2010

Roughly translated as “the qualities of the mind,” the exhibition’s title provides salient clues as to the category of what it investigates. Many of the words we use to describe the visual world — form, shape, texture, contour, etc — have metaphorical implications for viewing the mind as an energy construct, a formless force both universal and infinitely variable. All of the artists assembled by Forma Mentis curator Gemma Sonego at Gallery Aryai are working in and around this vein of inquiry, supersaturating often non-traditional materials with a density of personal, political, and emotional significance.

From David Hollen’s evocative, biomorphic abstract sculptures expressing “an intuitive understanding of the geometry… and ubiquitous physical forces at play” in the invisible structures of the world; to Jeremy Mora’s painstakingly rendered, idealized miniature environments and architectural fantasies; photographer Sia Aryai’s hand-embellished prints combining haunting portraiture, sensual figuration, and lyrical abstraction; noted installation artist Kim Abeles’ new wall relief Knotted Histories, which uses telephone wire and both found and made objects to portray the cultural baggage of the private and public events that have transpired during her lifetime; and finally Robert Reynolds’s Fisher of Men, a large-scale sculptural installation reworking a popular Biblical image into a modern-day secular meme — these artists examine memory without sentimentality, approach science with a sense of wonder, and interrogate dogma with a literary wit.

Words: Shana Nys Dambrot

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