haleARTS: “Local Edge” featuring Nora Boghossian, Brendan Holmes and Scott Tansey

haleARTS S P A C E invites you to the opening reception of the “Local Edge,” a group show featuring works by Nora Boghossian, Brendan Holmes and Scott Tansey. An opening reception will be held Friday, October 3rd from 5-8 PM. Peruse accessibly priced work while enjoying white wine and freshly popped popcorn. The show will run through October 15, 2014.

Nora Boghossian is an emerging photographer with a keen eye for capturing ordinary moments and transforming them into thoughtful works of art. Printing on a variety of surfaces, Nora’s shrewd eye for the commonplace transform into polished photographs.

“With my photography, I am celebrating life and all the love that is alive within it and all around us. It’s my way of expressing and appreciating what is naturally before me, here and now. I hope that, that which resonated with me also moves you. We are all connected in this circle of life and we each have a role to serve in it. I choose to be an artist. I choose to create. I choose to capture a moment in time and share the love with you, from my eyes to yours, from my heart to yours, from my soul to yours.” – Nora Boghossian

Brendan Holmes was born in Dublin, Ireland and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. In addition to photography Brendan is also a professional musician and plays in the Irish Rock band the Young Dubliners.

As a touring musician, he has been graced with the opportunity to see the sights of the world that many of us might never get to see. He shares that experience through his photography. Brendan has an uncanny ability for finding the beauty in the mundane or casual, where many an eye would surely pass by. Brendan is committed to keeping his pictures as honest as possible without any or little photoshop trickery, in essence what he sees is what you get. He hopes that you find the same satisfaction in his photography as he does.

Scott Tansey has been taking photographs since the late 1970’s. Engaging both his analytical mind and intuitive nature, Scott is able to translate the ordinary three-dimensional scenes around us into profound images. His work has been published in a wide range of print media, including the Audubon Society.“I am driven and excited to make great photographs. Even when I am with other photographers, I am up earlier to chase the great light, spend more time seeking out great images, and often finish later, well after others have gone back inside. I am aware that we live in amazing world with views vast of landscapes to close-ups of flowers; and from majestic awe-inspiring overall cityscapes to close-up images of amazing architecture. I am also aware that global climate change and pollution are threatening some of the most amazing landscapes. I hope that some of my images will help others know what we could lose.” – Scott TanseyhaleARTS S P A C E
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