Spot Photo Works is proud to present, Melodie McDaniel: American Spectator September 19 through November 9, 2015 at its Hollywood gallery located at 6679 Sunset Boulevard. A reception for the artist will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday September 19th.

Dignity and fairness are at the heart of Melodie McDaniel’s photographic exploration. The daughter of an African and Native American father and a white Jewish mother, her photographs seek common ground and equal representation. “Coming from bi-racial parents, I’m always trying to comprehend where I fit in the world.  I’m drawn to sub-cultures and outsiders probably because of my own feelings of otherness,” says McDaniel.

American Spectator combines Melodie McDaniel’s gritty filmic documentary style, with a rich and sultry elegance and understated minimalism. Her masterful portraits explore the idiosyncrasies and intersections of religion, culture and race juxtaposed against landscapes of hardscrabble towns marred by tough economic times.  “My deep curiosity about faith, and how and why people form their beliefs and religious practice, is more about discovery for me than an overt mission. I just want to understand it all.”

Well known as a highly accomplished advertising photographer and commercial director, Melodie McDaniel, graduated from Art Center College of Design and lives in Los Angeles.  Her work has been published and broadcast internationally. This is the first solo exhibition of a selection of her extensive personal body of work.  American Spectator was photographed between 1993 and 2014 in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Kentucky, New York and California.

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