Project Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of 10 new works by Oakland­ based artist Kellesimone Waits at their new space in Chinatown.  An opening reception will be held Saturday, October 10th from 7-10 PM. The works will be on view through November 15, 2015.

Delving deeper into concepts explored in previous bodies of work, Waits uses the sometimes all too macabre Grimm fairy tales as a point from which to explore the narrative behind concepts of transformation. People are spurred to transform due to love, tragedy, or sacrifice ­ universal concepts that create an accessible portal through which viewers can engage. They are further drawn in by Waits’ subtle aesthetic, drawing meaning from the carefully composed works.

Her series of paintings and drawings are simultaneously empty and hefty, leaving room for mystery and an ongoing narrative past what you see on the wall. The symbolism inherent in her considered compositions feed a narrative around gender and femininity, giving a voice to female characters typically rendered stoic and voiceless. T ransmutation also explores the presence of the male in a story without physical representation of the male body. Her pieces examine universal emotions that yield connections between myth and reality.

About Kellesimone Waits: Young and feverishly productive, Kellesimone Waits has accomplished a staggering amount of work shown internationally and locally . She has exhibited at Fuse Gallery in NYC, Known Gallery in LA, Perihelion Arts in Phoenix, and during Art Basel Miami with Aqua10 and 101/exhibit at Scope. She currently lives and works in Oakland and maintains close ties to the Los Angeles arts community.

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