Substrate Gallery: “Sweet, Sweet Life: The Photographic Works of John Denver”

From October 24th to November 23rd Substrate Gallery will be showing and selling limited editions of the personal photography of John Denver, as curated by representatives of The John Denver Estate along with Ramses Granados from the Substrate Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles.

On Dec. 31, 2013, singer and songwriter John Denver, whose hits such as “Rocky Mountain High” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” gained him worldwide fame, would have celebrated his 70th birthday. In honor of his legacy, Denver’s estate will be celebrating the singer’s music and life throughout the year.

Among his many gifts, Denver was a talented photographer. “Sweet, Sweet Life: The Photographic Works of John Denver” represents a chance for the world to experience life as John Denver lived it. Throughout his lifetime, Denver captured thousands of images as he traveled across the globe, spreading his message of peace, love, and conservation. Through his mastery of composition, lighting, and the decisive moment, Denver became an accomplished photographer. Substrate Gallery is proud to present over 40 never-before-seen photographs of distinction from the celebrated musician.

“To connect with a person’s photography as a window into their life and experiences, is a truly unique occurrence, even more so when that person is iconic as singer songwriter John Denver. We are excited about sharing this deep connection to the artist, through a body of his photographic work that depicts the bond he had with nature, the outdoors and the people in his life. We invite all who felt the warmth and light that John Denver’s music brought to the world to come and experience another dimension to this art.” Ramses Granados, curator at Substrate Gallery.

Denver was a true adventurer, exploring all that the world had to offer. Throughout his life’s journey he challenged himself on every level, which is an integral part of what made him an extraordinary man, an uncommon friend and a rare human being.

Many of Denver’s songs reflected his relationship with nature and indeed, one of his greatest pleasures was spending time outdoors. He spent as much time as possible backpacking, hiking, climbing and fishing. He was an avid golfer and skier, regularly participating in celebrity charity events for both sports.

Today, millions of fans old and new enjoy the work of this extraordinary performer. Thirty albums and four decades after he began, John Denver’s music is as relevant as ever. His humanitarian work continues to strengthen our global village, and his dynamic celebration of life, spirit and nature is a powerful inspiration to us all.

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