The Lodge presents Mary Woronov “Imaginary Reality: A Survey Show”

The LODGE is pleased to present: Mary Woronov’s “Imaginary Reality: A Survey Show.”

Mary Woronov, born 8 December, 1943 at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida is an American actress, published author, and figurative painter, primarily known as a member of Andy Warhol’s The Factory and as a cult star. Woronov studied sculpture at Cornell University where she met Gerard Malanga, making her the leading actress in Andy Warhol’s film Chelsea Girls. Mary went on to tour with The Velvet Underground as an onstage dancer. After moving to Los Angeles in 1979, she devoted herself to the practice of her painting.

Imaginary Reality refers to Woronov’s invention of a heightened reality that explores the representational qualities of narrative and allegory created in her paintings. The works function as a type of apologue to Woronov’s process in characterizing these heightened realities, rich in their depictions of human interaction and illusive existence, bound to tension, conflict, and an abiding desperation; her brush is her pen.

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