Trunk Gallery presents “People of the Babak” an exhibition of paintings created collaboratively by artists Mitchelito Orquiola and Chalavie (aka Charlotte Vanhaecke).  Each an accomplished artist in their own right, they go by the name Babak when they collaborate. “People of the Babak” opens with a reception on Saturday, October 10, from 6–10pm.  The exhibit runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12–6pm, through and including November 1, 2015.

Since a chance encounter a little over a year ago, they have been painting works of pulsating color and wit – combining the vivid complexity of Mitchelito’s style with Chalavie’s provocative flair.  And while the pairing may appear slightly incongruous – Mitchelito, self-taught and from the Philippines; Chalavie, much younger and from France, the work is anything but.

Collaboration in art is nothing new, there was Warhol & Basquiat, Pollack & Krasner, however, to share a canvas and paint over each others brush strokes takes it to an extreme.  How does an artist let go of control, let go of ego?  Come see for yourself as Mitchelito and Chalavie paint live during the opening reception.  The exhibition also includes solo works by each of the artists.

The show is not only inside the gallery.  Babak spent six days painting a detailed mural that covers the entire front of Trunk Gallery – highly visible to all those driving down Venice Boulevard.

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