Anne Schlueter’s “ANOTHER PLACE” curated by Phil Tarley

Artists Corner Gallery is pleased to announce their exhibition of photographer Anne Schlueter’s ANOTHER PLACE, which opens August 15 and runs through September 12, 2015. The gallery will host a reception for the artist Saturday, August 15 from 7-10 PM. RSVP by e-mail to: Gallery@artistscorner.us

Anne Schlueter’s abstract photographs are deceptively seductive. The images simultaneously evoke both the micro and macro worlds from vastly different vantage points. Whether that is deep inside the minute structures of a pool of bluish ice, or from an omnipotent spaceship, looking down on an alien landscape. This duality of both meta-world and unearthly evocation is the fascination of so many of Schlueter’s photographs. Far out and far, far away could easily be the subtitle of this artist’s exhibition.

Many of these photographs act like blueprints of creation, where Schlueter’s terrene begs to be cloned and endlessly replicated to create new worlds; both worldly and otherworld at the same time. Her sweet palette of blues and sea foam greens vibrate out from their pastel simplicity into mysterious, scientific, cosmic commentary.

Continental Drift, a large vertical work, seems most at home caught up in Schlueter’s lively attempts to play with this double vision. She takes an extreme close up of snowy mud and icy water and makes it seem like what we are really looking at is an intergalactic view of an ethereal, perhaps a transcendental continent, caught in motion, on a distant planet, somewhere in a phantasmagorical universe.

The photographer’s hot press pigment-prints add depth and tonality to the works and dramatize the fine details of her watery lithospheres and her intergalactic geological surveys. ANOTHER PLACE is a potent and cohesive exhibition for a newly- minted, emerging artist.
-Phil Tarley, Curator

A happening space of wild creativity, Artists Corner Gallery is located at 6585 Santa Monica Boulevard – Hollywood, California 90038. Visit artistscorner.us for more information

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