Bessie Kunath takes everyday materials and creates small scale, intimate sculptures and installations; hand-made and strangely elegant while still being coarsely fashioned. The pieces embody an exploration of their own materiality and scale, the possibilities in their construction, the process of decision-making and a fine sensibility for subtle nuance of line and tone.

With alterations and manipulations that allow fresh and engaging ways of re-encountering the forms, the sculptures mimic Minimalism but are provisional and poetic. They are distanced and yet considered while maintaining a sense of personality and idiosyncratic playfulness. They contain an oddness that pulls you in, while succeeding in simultaneously pushing you away—an unsolved mystery.

Kunath implies a functionality that suggests more about the human brain’s need to formulate meaning and impose structure than perhaps exists in the objects themselves. They are conduits to reflecting the working of our own minds. Their intuitive and lyrical qualities ensure our response is a positive one, suggesting oblique references while never committing to any one dialogue or enquiry.

The forms conceal their intentions and remain familiar, if unknowable, a container of their own selfhood, a fragment, a memory, reflecting our own ‘Self’—a body, a place in time and space… (MP)

Website: bessiekunath.com

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Max Presneill & Kio Griffith from ARTRA Curatorial is a volunteer organization for the implementation of new modes of exhibition, locally, nationally and internationally, that feature artist-led emerging platforms and opportunity based interactions and community building via social practice type events. Founded in 2009, the group has instigated large scale art events and exchanges, as well as the alternative art fair Co/Lab, throughout Los Angeles and has new projects being presented in China, France and UK in 2014, as well as the continuation of their MAS ATTACK series of events both in LA and other US cities.

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