‘Close Up: Miles Davis’ and ‘Jesse Diamond: White Noise’ at Leica Gallery

Leica Gallery Los Angeles presents two exhibitions,  ‘Close Up: Miles Davis’ & ‘Jesse Diamond: White Noise.’ An opening reception for the artists will be held Thursday, April 16th from 6-9 PM. The works will be on view through May 11th, 2015.

In 1965, a chance encounter with B.B. King propelled a young Glen Craig into the world of music photography. Craig’s image of the blues guitarist became a front cover of Cashbox magazine. Soon after, Craig became chief photographer for Hullaballoo magazine. Next, Craig would go on to work with Sid Bernstein, the man who first brought the Beatles to America, as a creative director and press officer. While working with B.B. King in the late 60s, Columbia / CBS introduced Glen to Miles Davis in New York City. Davis’s record company then tapped Craig to shoot photos that would cross Davis into a more mainstream music audience. The two developed a trusting relationship that allowed the photographer to photograph Davis at home, at the gym, and in the studio. These photos capture the often mysterious Davis in revelatory candor.

Glen Craig

Glen Craig

Craig’s body of work as a reportage, fashion and music photographer includes some of the finest artists in modern music, such as Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, The Doors, and many others. Glen’s work recently appeared at Photokina 2014, and he was also interviewed by the Leica Camera Blog.



After about three hours of composing, Miles decided it was time to go to the gym for a workout, a regime he followed everyday, wherever he was. Miles invited us to the gym, saying “meet me by Gleason’s over the bridge”, and he was off. When we arrived, Miles appeared dressed in a robe with his name on the back, black trunks, white boxing shoes and

red gloves. His quick, cat-like moves began. I held my camera discretely, began to sync with his moves, and then to shoot. Miles let his guard down and opened up. It was a matter of gaining his trust and confidence, allowing me to have access to his soul. He attacked the speed bag,

I danced the decisive photographic movements. – Glen Craig



Jesse Diamond was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Cal Arts University where he trained as a musician and studied visual arts as a secondary course. Inspired by a trip to Africa in 1995, Jesse decided to concentrate entirely on photography. “My approach to the medium is similar to a documentary or street photographer. I use my camera to find true-life moments, those rare instances or “singular images” which are beyond a verbal description. These moments of connection are my true motivation to look closer at the world, and essentially, to find an understanding of my place within it.”

Jesse’s work has ranged from Sony Records to Harper/Collins book “A Day In The Life Of The U.S. Armed Forces,” photos from which were featured on NBC’s Dateline. In 2004, he was selected one of eight “Photographers of the year” by the International Photography Awards.  Jesse received the Rising Star Award at the Fotofusion Photography Festival in 2007. He appeared as the cover story for Artworks Magazine in 2010 and received a Prix de la Photographie (Px3) Fine Art Award in Las Vegas in 2011. Jesse is a Founding member of Eyeist LLC, An online photography review service for photographers.To see more of Jesse’s work visit www.jessediamond.com

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