CMay Gallery: Yong Sin Solo Exhibition

CMay Gallery is pleased to announce De/Form: Singular Forms Repeated a solo exhibition by San Pedro, California artist, Yong Sin. An opening reception will be held September 18th from 5-8 PM. The work will be on view through October 24, 2014.

The title, De/Form: Singular Forms Repeated, is a riff on the 2004 Guggenheim Museum exhibition Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) which examined the modernist impulse toward reduction and restraint in postwar art. Sin’s work, which shares these impulses, strives to create delicate shifts in perception. She incorporates subtle, repetitive hand drawn marks that are minima yet methodical. These gestures create geometric shapes that concern themselves more with the essential form rather than mathematically correct structures. In her paintings Sin explores the concept of shape itself as opposed to the symmetrical reality of shape.

Yong Sin was born in Seoul, Korea and was educated in California at Otis College of Art and Design. Within her paintings and collage work, Sin elegantly balances an Eastern emphasis on community while celebrating a Western notion of individuality. She creates expressive variation by repeating similar brush-strokes over and over until nuanced deviations become apparent in her patterns. Yong Sin constructs visual meditations and aphorisms through an accumulation of intuitively drawn, unmeasured shapes that form the illusion of precise symmetry and minimal geometric shapes that, given a closer look, reveal an unexpected grandiosity.

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