Gallerie Sparta: Danny Minnick

Gallerie Sparta has extended their current solo show with the L.A. artist Danny Minnick through September 15, 2014.

The exhibition of 17 new oil paintings on canvas are neo-expressionist visions drawn from Minnick’s mulit-talented careers as a Pro-Skater, actor, and filmmaker.   The raw explosive painted shapes, infused with words and phrases, and punctuated with his stylized imaginary characters, show a propensity for provocative questions and thoughts for the viewer.  Some, such as “Who Wants to Be Famous” and “Dylan Wannabe” have a Hollywood and entertainment business flare with a tongue in cheek presentation.  His seemingly quickly applied swaths of color and shape present a raw freshness with a large dose of finesse and acquired skills in making his own visual language.

Minnick is a new talent coming out of the current crop of very talented male artists dominating the L.A Art Scene. Minnick has transcended this “vandalism” style of art into his very personal interpretation of Abstract Expressionism. Like the Neo-Expressionists before him, such as J.M. Basquiat, Minnick selects his imagery directly from his soul.

“I Paint to connect the dots….of my real thoughts”   Danny Minnick.

Gallerie Sparta
8641 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California

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