Using an elaborate algorithmic process of hand-casting stone, glass, resin and other materials, Kilcollin creates sculptural works that sometimes are freestanding, often wall mounted, typically emanate a sense of weight, history and memory. They are archeological digs in reverse, placing layer upon layer to construct the reminders of presence through absence. The somehow blurred perceptual experience is finely balanced by the raw factuality of the works. As testaments to fleeting moments forever caught, they inhabit a condensed space that is both poignant and nostalgic but very now, very raw. (MP). http://www.dwyerkilcollin.com

Dwyer Kilcollin

Dwyer Kilcollin – Sunny 5pm Book, 1st Position, 2014. silica, glass, calcium carbonate, feldspar, dirt, pine needles, UV-resistant resin, bronze hardware.
22.125 x 16.5 x 3.5 inches. image courtesy M+B Gallery, Los Angeles.

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