When intimacies fall short of meeting in the middle, an unassuming nameless companion and moment reclaim the silent space in between. Returning home to uncover proof and notice the unbearable flattened facts that mean no more than an idle swim, buoyant and suspended in time, disrobing in short breaths that utter muted doubt. Suné Woods’ video installations, photographs and collages are lenses that could be corrected but are not. Purposely interpreting the dialogue of absence, cultural vulnerabilities and eradicated social memories, Woods’ characters, human or non-human, play out the waiting game of recapturing a regrettable script. The testament is the process of baring oneself, humanity’s intricate condition, the intensity and sophistication hard to ignore. Yet by the end, neither the narrator nor the reader can doubt that this is precisely what has happened. (KG). http://www.sunewoods.com

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