Emily Marchand works the table settings of survivalism, preservation, and the needs and waste concerns for what is provided in social experimentation related to food and objects. Her multidisciplinary art is primarily concerned with distilling various ideas involved in creating new collaborations and expanding the accessibility of art to a wider audience. In her varied projects, Marchand explores themes layered with significance related to personal and cultural memory, providing sustenance and provoking sensory response. She has participated in numerous collaborations with Los Angeles community projects, such as homeLA, Notch, New Paragraph and Feed Us Fund Us. Each project centers on relationships between artists’ needs and desires and their surroundings.



The homeLA project stages performance, sound and intermedia work in modest Los Angeles homes. Notch and New Paragraph engage in site-specific food experimentation. Feed Us Fund Us is a fundraising supper club in which artists are invited to apply for a grant that is awarded at one of the dinners. Marchand’s sculptures culminate her investigations into the integrity of the materials used—their history, location and transformative abilities—clay into ceramic, salt crystallization, tree sap into amber, seeds, beeswax, etc. More info at www.emilymarchand.com.

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