In a relentless, unreformable state of entropy, attention is as an alembic, distilling the player into a true physical sound emitted directly through abrasive and unflinching rigor. Gabie Strong’s trans-disciplinary approach is an everyday resistance, not easily recognized as a public or collective model—such as rebellions or demonstrations—but rising out of its burial, camouflaged and not politically articulated. With subtle pungency, the fine-grained eruptions of her guitar wade among moments of stark primitivism generating sonic matrices that reticulate the acoustic depths of nature, technology and culture, leaving behind the destabilizing limits of any scale or chromatics. The auras emitted from each string attack sustain and hover over the fluctuating decaying void. (KG)

Website: gabiestrong.com

Gabie Strong MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Los Angeles Performance

Gabie Strong
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) Los Angeles

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Max Presneill & Kio Griffith from ARTRA Curatorial is a volunteer organization for the implementation of new modes of exhibition, locally, nationally and internationally, that feature artist-led emerging platforms and opportunity based interactions and community building via social practice type events. Founded in 2009, the group has instigated large scale art events and exchanges, as well as the alternative art fair Co/Lab, throughout Los Angeles and has new projects being presented in China, France and UK in 2014, as well as the continuation of their MAS ATTACK series of events both in LA and other US cities.

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