haleARTS is pleased to present a group show featuring the work of Silvia Wagensberg and Adam Zaff. An opening reception will be held Friday, July 8th from 5-8 PM. The works will be on view and and for sale through July 20th, 2016.

Silvia Wagensberg

“The part of my practice that these three small paintings belong to is focused on public and private spheres in my immediate environment as I perceive them concretely, or through recognizable figures. A painter by training and trade, I have applied more or less traditional media, i.e. acrylic, to a series of boards. These are landscapes that belong to my day to day surroundings.  The titles of each one of them have been directly and methodically plucked from a Smithsonian’s catalogue of timelines of the ancient world, Natural History – The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth (DK Publishing, 2010). As a result, all the titles are indeed major and familiar situations and/or events in the chronology of the ancient world that have shaped the way we view our world today, ranging from 1,000,000 years ago to 200BC. With this methodology, I have hoped to establish a link between a very personal geography/psychology and a universally accepted chronology of events. Under this titular marriage of the intimate to the larger mainstream, the meaning of the paintings becomes sometimes obvious and sometimes nonsensical. I have thus hoped to bring to light a history of human consciousness that we have become perhaps too comfortable relegating to the realm of the known but rarely understood.” — Silvia Wagensberg

© Silvia Wagensberg

© Silvia Wagensberg


Adam Zaff

Adam first fell in love with the medium of photography 12 years ago, during a film photography course in high school. That course proved to be vital in his understanding of the medium, and extremely beneficial when he soon transitioned to digital.  While at Fordham University in New York, Adam continued his studies and has not put down the camera since.  Whether shooting in his native city of Los Angeles, or traveling the world, he almost always has a camera at his side.  His unique perspective, coupled with his passion for the medium have helped Adam create striking images which transport the viewer, no matter their background.

© Adam Zaff

© Adam Zaff


Additonal information about the artists and their work can be found here: http://www.halearts.com/070816-group.html

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