LOUDHAILER: “At the Tip of the Tongue” new works by Erica Mahinay

LOUDHAILER is pleased to present At the Tip of the Tongue, new works by Erica Mahinay.  The exhibition opens with a public reception on November 8 from 6-9 PM and continues through December 20.

Flirting with representation- the nude, the still life, and the landscape- At the Tip of the Tongue presents two and three-dimensional works that sit on the cusp of articulation.  While there may be a familiarity to the materials she chooses, the flesh-toned palette she selects, or the forms she builds, the resulting objects bypass recognition.  In this exhibition, Mahinay makes space for negotiation between physical evidence and visual illusion by finding form through both painting and sculpture.  Materially-driven paintings of stretched nylon become translucent fields of color, held taught with stitched boundaries, painted portions, and an occasional wrinkle or pucker that highlight the thinness of surface and the tenuousness of illusion.  The paintings are also presented with small, subtly toned, still lifes and a mirror-topped, silicon-coated, pedestal presenting a vessel- like object. Mahinay’s works update the traditional vanitas arrangement through abstraction and investigate possible correspondences between physical and spiritual transcendence. Teetering on the edge of becoming “things”, the works bask in an uncertain ontological status and manifest a contemporary condition in which composing and redefining the self becomes center.

2648 La Cienega Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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