In order to support transcendent sources of truth and reality, we find strategies to dispose of the clutter of authoritarian ideological garbage that automatically collects in our normal, well-adjusted minds. Doing so allows us to experience and appreciate the myriad beings around us, rather than just use them as fuel for ill-fated egoistic cravings. That said, with the wisdom of absurdity, what behavior points at anarchy? Is it free of reactive rebellion and self-righteousness? In dropping all pretense, Meital Yaniv describes herself as an “exile.” Her brutal honesty is unsettling and unwelcome, even in her relatively progressive hometown of Tel Aviv. She allows all forbidden thoughts and emotions, suppressed for a lifetime, spill onto the page. 



Like a caged tiger walking in circles, Yaniv examines the physical manifestations that contain and separate us, divisive phenomena such as walls and languages. She creates an in-between vocabulary with which to define and build the courage to cross borders, seeking alternate ways to address human trauma through mirroring the other, and the many others beyond. Employing various media, the LA-based artist addresses the concerns of lives undermined by regimes and governments that represent nothing in which their constituents believe, a demographic the United States has largely joined. More info at www.meitalyaniv.com.

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