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Nancy Baron “Beautiful Trailertown”

Nancy Baron’s limited edition monograph, Beautiful Trailertown is her newest self-published gem of a photo book about life in the land that she loves living in; the mythopoetic visual space we call Palm Springs. Somehow in Palm Springs, design of the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s never go out of style, on the contrary, it is vaulted into the iconic. Baron elegantly represents the cars, trailers; swimming pools and interior s we’ve always wished for. Then Baron worships them with her camera as fun, fresh, and forever.


Her 8 x 8” perfect bound paperback 80 page book, is a signed limited edition of 100,
And it comes packaged with a 6x 6” archival pigment print, of Airstream Sunset, the books sexy-car, cover shot.

Beautiful Trailtertown documents Baron’s exploration of the mobile home parks of Palm Springs. The artist -photographer writes:

“Although the parks have themes, residents are given a wide berth for personal expression in their own homes, encouraging a diverse community that defies stereotype. These are the pioneers of the Tiny Home movement, embracing the less is best concept, while skimming the grid. Pride of ownership can be had at a cost far less than a condo, with no neighbors above or below. If yearning for a change of scenery, mobile home dwellers are always free to hitch up and move – yet their homes often appear to be firmly planted, with landscaping, hardscaping, and even additions. With no historic overlay preservation codes to hamper them, creativity abounds. Extra fancy or plain and simple, there are no two homes alike.”

Nancy Baron documents the world nearby, mostly in Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across the United States and Europe, including three solo exhibits in Los Angeles and two in Palm Springs. You can purchase a copy of Beautiful Trailertown or any of her other Palm Springs photo books from her good life series at nancybaron.bigcartel.com

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