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The colorful manipulations of paint that Kroll presents mirror an exciting engagement with the intuitive, risk-taking process that he brings to the studio coupled with a refined sensibility that structurally engages order and chaos with organizing principles that place layer over layer to formulate emotional

Using the idea of primary but binary inter-relationships of symbiotic necessity, Kirkpatrick paints figurative landscape scenarios, which mutate into aspects of abstraction and back again. The dislocated, both metaphorically and physically, characters and locations suggest suburban angst and uncertainty in an allegory of identity. The

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know A random visit to Brian Cooper’s optical illusionism is recommended to enjoy an all access pass to the multifarious stages of reality flips and shifts not included in your average free downloadable user manual. There is

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know Roughly constructed frameworks of Home Depot supplies get dressed up for a date by Jacob Fowler. His customized assemblages combine DIY with decorat- ing to create disconcerting sculptures that are at play with issues of Masculinity

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know Mixed media materials duke it out for abstract/figurative supremacy in which, come the final bell, both sides win. Carlson Hatton’s large and virtuoso, collage-like, paintings succeed in layering his complex myriad sources, from art history to daily