Terry Arena “Symbiotic Crisis”

On Saturday September 6th from 7-10pm on Chung King Road in Chinatown, artist Terry Arena will debut her mobile installation, Symbiotic Crisis. Using the box truck, food tins, and repurposed materials Arena uses highly technical, rendered drawings to help raise awareness of our relationship to the environment and the impact that bees have on our food sources. The reductive, yet analytical nature of the graphite drawings is reminiscent of nature studies and botanical drawings of the old masters. The elemental approach in the work reflects simpler methodologies and considers a more direct and intimate relationship with our environment.

Arena’s mobile installation explores the vulnerability of the honeybee and, in turn, our food sources. The role of the honeybee is integral to crop propagation. A major part of this process involves bees being transported by trucks to farmlands in need of pollination. The box truck mobile installation is a symbol of the need for a greater dialogue about the plight of the bees. Over the past few years there has been much more press about the mysterious vanishing of the bees but it’s not enough.

Terry Arena is an artist living and working in Ventura, California. She received her BA in Art Education from California State University, Long Beach and her MA in Painting at California State University, Northridge. Arena has been working on intensely rendered graphite drawings of nature and just finished making new work for a solo show at Sinclair College in Ohio. She has had a solo show at Ventura College and Moorpark College and her work has been included in various group exhibits at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA, City, Red Pipe Gallery in Chinatown, California, Chain Letter at Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica, CA and Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA.

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