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Brooks Shane Salzwedel: “Land Makers
Until June 20, 2009Travel Tea Sets

Salzwedel’s new body of work continues his exploration of the industrial versus natural, with beauty and deconstruction coexisting. Though the work shows relics of human life in the form of industrial urban develop.m.ent, the landscapes are meant to maintain an ambiguity of place and time. In Land Makers there is a theme of Nature wreaking havoc on the manmade, with destructive plumes of clouds and dust looming in the background of the faded subject matter, as though people had to suddenly flee, leaving construction cranes and buildings to fend for themselves.

Salzwedel painstakingly realizes a depth of imagery by combining graphite drawings on pieces of dura-lar with layered resin, the staple process of his work. This process creates a fog-like quality of picturesque scenes accommodating a perceptive density. The artist’s labor-intensive process is quite unhealthy and toxic, incorporating spray paint, resin, the sanding of resin, and the use of spray gloss medium, mirroring the toxicity of the encroaching industrialization in his narratives. But the finished works inspire a guarded tranquility suggesting that the man vs. nature battle has an obvious victor.

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