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L.A. LOUVER, Venice (NOVEMBER 13—DECEMBER 30, 2015) Peaceable Fruit presented large-scale ceramic sculptures that emphasize Wedel’s preoccupation with figurative and botanical imagery. The work is largely narrative and draws on archetypal themes. (Wedel has stated that the exhibition’s title “… is a kind of hopeful signifier and

Sound travels far beyond the audible range, the known languages, signals, and noise lingering in vibrations of thoughts, memories, and experiences. Alan Nakagawa examines the biophysical properties of the unheard, the otherwise fortuitous instance overlooked with or without concurring vibrations. These symbiotic experiments are carried

An edited conversation between curator/artist Kio Griffith and writer/artist Jacki Apple about four exhibitions exploring cultural history, memory, materiality, impermanence, and performance in contemporary Japanese art. Metamorphosis Of Japan After The War: 1945-1964 West Los Angeles College. June 12 - July 11, 2015 Kachofugetsu: FlowerBirdWindMoon Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica. June 13 –

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know Necessities for mobile institutions with modular functions shape representational space, its contents and environs. As a sculptor, Alice Könitz devises oblique architectural plans in which a communal exhibiting space can exist, devoid of known institutional systems.

Fresh Faces in Art: Eight LA Artists You Should Know A visionary mystic of triangulated psy-fi dramas, Yoshie Sakai lets loose her avatar/genies into social anxiety forums, submerging them further into an impulsive series of mindfully turbulent events. Doubling as Sakai’s secret service agents, the characters