The Critical Eye: The Visual Grace and Gravitas of Photographer Tami Bahat

Long a standout at the many group photography shows that pop up around Los Angeles, Tami Bahat, gifted with visual grace and gravitas, has opened her first Los Angeles solo exhibition at Building Bridges in Bergamot Station.   Her latest oeuvre, both numinous and luminous, swirls classic painterly influences up against an intriguing Baroque installation. Period furnishings, bedclothes, and a mesmerizing music track lead the viewer through dramatically underlit rooms, deeper and deeper into Bahat’s visionary sanctum.

Tami Bahat’s solo exhibition is currently on view at Building Bridges: Closing Night Reception Saturday, February 17, 2018, 6 PM

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Phil Tarley is a fellow of the American Film Institute and a member of the Photographic Arts Council. Tarley writes about contemporary art and pop culture and curates photography for the AC Gallery, in Los Angeles. His book, Going Down on Cuba: Notes from an Underground Traveler, is slated for publication by Fabrik Press in 2018.

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