The William Turner Gallery is pleased to present Aura & Strata, an exhibition of new works by Casper Brindle. An opening reception will be held on Saturday September 24th, from 6:00 – 8:00pm.

The Strata series continues Brindle’s investigation into the expressive possibilities of color. Brindle’s Strata paintings exist in the space where Color Field painting, Light and Space conceptualism and Finish Fetish sensibilities intersect. Enveloping the viewer into immersive expanses of atmospheric color, these paintings intoxicate the senses. Utilizing supernatural, highly saturated colors that are applied in fine airbrushed layers, Brindle’s Strata paintings transcend the representational suggestion of land and sea, evoking something more elemental, like vast & infinite horizons rushing across the universe.

The Aura series is a new body of work featuring monochromatic pieces that bridge the space between painting and sculpture. Like the works of his Light & Space predecessors, Brindle’s Aura paintings are concerned with perception. They have a Minimalist sensibility – upon first glance they appear to be austere white paintings. However, as the viewer moves around them, a nuanced depth becomes apparent as ghostly layers rise to the surface and new structures emerge.

Reductive in nature, Brindle’s Aura objects have a totemic presence that inspires a quiet reverence. Wall mounted, these pearlescent pieces have an otherworldly quality – each painting is surrounded by a glowing halo of color, its reach extending beyond the surface onto the wall around it. At the center of each is an enigmatic, metallic rectangle enshrouded in a halo of pure white. These cryptic forms are reminiscent of the mystical monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, mysterious and powerful in their elegant simplicity. They appear to be made from liquid metal, akin to the gold leaf on Byzantine icons. Taking on a sort of secular sacredness, the interpretation of these geometric forms is left up to the viewer. Are they portals to another dimension, a glimpse into the void or signifiers of some sort of universal force? Brindle’s Aura pieces pose these questions and leave us to ponder the mysteries.

About Casper Brindle

Casper Brindle grew up surfing the beaches along LA’s coast during the 1970’s and 80’s, and worked briefly for Light and Space artist Eric Orr in the late 1980’s. The artist currently lives and works in Los Angeles. This marks Casper Brindle’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery.

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