Recent MFA graduate Doraelia Ruiz wants us to understand the tragedy of heartbreak with work that forces honesty and brutality to conflate in dynamically confused and often unresolved art. Coming to Brainworks Gallery March 4th, Doraelia’s first solo exhibition in the gallery, vies for what we can never have; what will never be real; what is always chopped up; pieces of illusion fabricated into one compelling lie.

Doraelia uses a combination of found imagery, popular culture images, her own paintings, and other artists’ work to create a new image. She combines these elements digitally then prints them on commercial grade vinyl and stretches them on panels and wood bars. They go from the artificial to the supremely masked, posing as traditional “paintings”. Once stretched, Doraelia physically paints over the image once more and combines the techniques of the digital and manual in one piece.

The tension and unresolved nature of the work causes one to try to define its origin to a distinct place, image, medium, or technique. No such one answer can be found. The image exists neither in the here or there, but in an ever-continual limbo. She may be held and seen but never truly ascertained.

About Doraelia Ruiz
Doraelia Ruiz is an emerging artist in Los Angeles, fresh out of Claremont Graduate University’s MFA program. She has her Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and she was a Fulbright Finalist in the Arts for UK in 2016. As a recipient of the Inti Raymi Grant she attended the Royal College of Art in fall of 2016 to work under the head of the Printmaking Department on a specialized project.

About Brainworks Gallery
Brainworks Gallery is LA’s newest artist run gallery on Mid City’s vibrant West Pico Boulevard. In this diverse neighborhood, Brainworks Gallery will be a showcase for emerging artists, conversation and a truly independent perspective on the artistic voice in today’s world. Erin Adams invited lively dialogue between artists and the city about what it means to have a distinct point of view. As an artist run gallery Brainworks Gallery intends to function as a place to meet new voices that are curated but unconstrained by market forces.

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