haleARTS is pleased to present a group show featuring the work of Erin Jade, Patricia Hardmeier Leeb, and Adam Nisenson. An opening reception will be held Friday, September 30th from 5-8 PM. The works will be on view and and for sale through October 12th, 2016.

About Erin Jade

“Raised in Malibu, CA I paint what inspires me the most. The ocean, sky, and music.

I was born with a stroke, which made me very intuitive to my body, and other sensory tools; such as touch, hearing and vision. Having had a ‘weaker’ physical body has allowed me an even stronger mental capacity for imagination.

I hope to create visual storyboards that are both healing and exciting to the eye.

Every moment of life should be pursued as joyable, why leave a wall blank?” –Erin Jade

About Patricia Hardmeier Leeb

Patricia is a multi-talented Art Director and award-winning Designer with experience in broadcast motion graphics and print design.

In this show, she is exhibiting her one-of-a-kind Monotypes. Monotype is a special printmaking process made by painting on a smooth aluminum plate. Using a printing press, the image is transferred onto a single sheet of paper, destroying the original artwork by creating one single unique print.

Patricia creates her Monotypes by first inking an entire plate surface and then, using rags, brushes and scrapers to remove the ink to create a subtractive image. She uses oil based ink and prints on watercolor archival paper paper which needs to be damp before the transfer.

About Adam Nisenson

Adam’s current series of art uses old psychology books, mainly those of Carl Jung which he tears up and collages onto art-boards as a base for what then becomes of study of depth and layering with encaustic (wax), paint, collage and image transfers.

The effect is one of deep richness, which urges the viewer to explore the hidden texts of the pages and try to tie together the various psychological meanings.

From archetypes to myth and dreams, Adam’s work urges the viewer to connect with how the psyche is embedded in a much larger experience of itself and the world around it.


Additional information about the artists and their work can be found here: http://www.halearts.com/093016—group-show.html

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