haleARTS is pleased to present a group show featuring the work of Leina’ala Lau and Maryam Naghshineh. An opening reception will be held Friday, September 16th from 5-8 PM. The works will be on view and and for sale through September 28th, 2016.

About Leina’ala Lau

“Everything and everyone shares this energy, this warmth from that giant burning star residing in the big blue sky.

We go through life, living each day and too often rushing through time in some kind of eternal race with ourselves, and in the process of doing so forgetting to acknowledge the beauty of our surroundings, the energy reaching out to us and perpetually trying to kiss our foreheads.

Through these pieces I would like to remind us of what is too often forgotten. I want to remind us of the importance of the beauty and how necessary it is to acknowledge, reflect on and appreciate, as I have done through the creation process.

There is a certain spiritual experience upon viewing a piece of artwork. It is my wish to visually deliver this experience to as many people as possible. As Kandinsky once wrote on the content and form of art, it “consists in two elements: the inner and the outer. The inner element, taken individually, is the emotion in the artist’s soul. The emotion has the ability of creating a basically corresponding emotion in the observer’s soul.” I am inspired to paint moments with passion, meditation and spontaneity, and want the viewer to have a deep, personal connection with the piece, ultimately inspiring happiness and gratitude.”–Leina’ala Lau

About Maryam Naghshineh

Maryam Naghshineh is an abstract artist with a focus on Persian motifs and decorative art. The three pieces she is showing are from her current series, titled “Dream Catcher.”

“While I was born in Munich, Germany, at the age of two I moved to Iran and was raised in Tehran.

From the early age of 7, I took art classes at “Kanoun Parvaresh Fekri Koudakan” and later at “Abbasi Museum of Arts.” While studying under the direction of Master Ali Reza Sadaghdar at “Kandelous Art Gallery,” I greatly refined my skills. Following that, I entered Iran’s School of Visual Arts “Honarestan Honarhaye Tajasomi” and majored in Graphic Design. In 1994, I moved to the United States, where I received a degree in Graphic Arts and Fine Arts.

I currently reside in Southern California, where I continue to create art.” –Maryam Naghshineh

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