Dodge navigates through his intellectual obsessions with playful and absurd mixed media sculptures (and accompanying drawings), assembled from the found detritus of urban living. They are colorful, visceral, and fun, but a little threatening, like clowns or fools. And like the role fools traditionally inhabited, they are likely to speak their truth regardless of what one may want to hear, to the bane of kings throughout history. Related to his own body, they are informal, ad-hoc, transient, and provisional. They seek a physical, bodily, “real” relationship in a cyborgian social network existence that leaves us alienated from the world and each other at times: lewd, rude and dangerous to know. (MP). http://harrydodge.com

Harry Dodge

Harry Dodge – It Is The Fact That I Am Oriented Toward The ’Not Me’ That Allows Me To Do This Or To Do That.

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