Jane Mulfinger

A double, if not, multiple sensory phenomenon is the way humans interact with the external world by negotiating our internal desires within the game of what we know.  Jane Mulfinger archives human artifacts and engages the public in conceptual and perceptual reflections on the significances of specific human behavior. Used clothes, tools, household goods, and novelties transform into mesmerizing insights explored by leveraging these objects beyond their factual properties. In Lost For Words, the engraved fragments of musical scoring and Morse coding wall-projected through second-hand spectacles play upon the paradox of vision, reading and memory.


Her Mobile Apparition Series features perambulatory hand-propelled units manifesting the slow angelic movement of feathers interacting within the fast movements of a city center, providing possible moments of awe and visual enlightenment. The sensational potential in what is overlooked, embodied and normalized in our human understanding of objects can trigger the most compelling transformation.

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