Kamol Tassananchalee’s art presentation at the Los Angeles Artcore Center in Little Tokyo from May to June is a close-up of his expressive practices with his two recent series of water colors on paper, Under the Western Sky and his spiritual cosmic large paintings on canvas titled The Four Elements.

Tassananchalee’s or Kamol as he is mostly known by friends is involved in organizing student cultural art exchanges between his native country Thailand and the Unites States. He has taught at UC Berkeley and has given lectures at Lamare University in Texas. He has participated in international art biennials. Kamol’s travels between his studio in the United States and Thailand have enriched his subject matter and exposed his process of creating to a wide range of diverse landscapes. With Under the Western Sky Series, Tassananchalee explores the great natural landscapes in Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. Tassananchalee describes his water color series as a moment to capture before an escaping impression. He feels such moments deserve to be immortalized. In this series horses are seen grazing in endless sea of terracotta’s while others gallop with graceful gestures to spontaneous strokes of water colors. The merging between colors is a borderless fusion. His sporadic scenic watercolors drip and move with an unbound sense of energy to create the depth of nature’s natural beauty. There is a Native American free spirited flow in this series. The space is boundless with a topography that can be seen and felt. Tassananchalee draws in-timid encounters with majestic moments.



Series, The Four Elements Tassananchalee amplifies his spiritual and cosmic philosophy. It is personal to his way of being. The reds, blues, and bright colors resemble a universal cosmic spectrum. Each engaging color used by Tassananchalee is a result of an exchange of energies in the midst of fusing and un-fusing. The making of patterns is a dance of meditation with drips and layers in between. It is a mapping of paths and journeys. There is an indefinite journey that merges with deep emerald greens that graduate in all directions. It is the key to the higher spirit and his homage to the four elements: wind, fire, water, and air. A series of four circles represents Buddha’s quest. The zig zagging reds with white embryo like shapes and circles seem to carry the path finding foot prints of Buddha’s life. His paintings share the fiery orange glow resembling hot ambers. He creates an environment of comfort that contemplates moments of mediation. The eye is allowed to travel in all directions with no confinements. Tassananchalee achieves a cultural exchange between diverse philosophies and ways of seeing art. His work invites to explore the many ways he is inspired to create from the puppet wooden mixed media frames used in Thailand to the Valleys of California and deserts of Arizona, all share Tassananchalee’s spectrum of life. His colors are no doubt those so often seen through the lens of a telescope millions of years away. The traveling might seem far yet it is the same journey that has given birth to all that we know, see, and experience. His work brings us closer to the many bridges that facilitate and extend humanity’s journeys. Unconstrained and undefined the paintings on canvas are full of action and simulate the workings of the four elements in motion. This process is unique to Tassananchalee’s technique and creativity.

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