This weekend in downtown Los Angeles art lovers will have their first opportunity to visit the Objects of Art Show in its first Los Angeles incarnation. Objects of Art is an art fair that specializes in the presentation of a wide range of genres simultaneously. The motivation behind such a event is diversity—to display disparate forms of artworks so as to attract a wide range of audiences. Objects of Art Show LA will feature more than 70 booths showcasing a mixture of contemporary art, antiques, folk art, jewelry as well as a selection ethnographic works. One will be able to walk down any aisle comparing and contrasting these different disciplines and genres. The best way to view art fairs is to get an overall sense of how many booths there are and then to methodically walk up and down the aisles comparing and contrasting the different types of works on display, making notes as to which venues to revisit and perhaps engage in conversation about specific works that catch the eye. It is always important to take a break and rest the eyes as more often than not art fairs provide quite a lot of stimulation and then make another lap refreshed.

Upon arrival it is best to consult the floor plan, then pick a destination and begin exploring. The journey will meander from booth to booth from a display of African artifacts to Indian Trade and Camp Blankets to Early California Antiques to Vintage Furniture, Tribal Art, as well as paintings, photographs and sculptures. Among the many exhibitors are shops, galleries and artists from near and far including New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Seattle, California as well as China.



The Objects of Art Show LA promises a number of special events including a special exhibition entitled “The Journey is the Destination: Safari with Dan Eldon” featuring limited edition prints from the journals of this noted photojournalist, artist and explorer. In addition there will be two special screenings of the award winning feature film staring Maria Bello and Ben Schnetzer which tells the story of how Eldon, the artist, explorer, and Reuters photojournalist, led a group of unlikely teens on a rollicking safari across Africa to deliver aid to a refugee camp in Malawi in 1990. The film then follows Eldon as he finds himself covering a famine and spiraling civil war in Somalia as Reuters’ youngest photojournalist. Eldon’s life was tragically cut short when he and three colleagues were stoned to death in Mogadishu in 1993 and Objects of Art Show Los Angeles will give visitors the unique opportunity to preview this film and see works from his journals that have not previously been on view.

Like any art fair each venue is given a small space to decorate how they choose and viewers can wander the floor moving in and out of the various booths.

Organized by Kim Martindale and John Morris, who have decades of experience producing historically significant shows in the art and music realm, they have also created a collection of art shows curated to create a unique art experience, including: the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Show, offering an exciting mix of the best tribal art from around the world; Objects of Art Show Los Angeles and Objects of Art Show Santa Fe, showcasing an eclectic mix of contemporary, historic and antique material; the American Indian Art Show Marin and the Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe, featuring the finest American Indian art; and the LA Art Show, presenting the West Coast’s premier show of contemporary fine art.

The Objects of Art Show LA presents a unique experience for beginning as well as seasoned collectors, showcasing an extensive collection of antique, historic and contemporary material ranging from fashion, jewelry and ornamental items to furniture and books, prints, paintings and sculpture. Spanning the globe, the show brings together fine and folk art, tribal, American Indian and contemporary art all under one roof, creating a visual and cultural feast that is both encompassing and exclusive.

Objects of Art Show LA will take place at The Reef—LA’s newest venue for trade shows and special events. The opening night gala benefiting Rock the Elephant will take place Friday October 6  from 7-10pm. The fair is open on Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8 from 11 am – 6 pm. The Reef is located at 1933 South Broadway.

For more information please visit: www.objectsofartshows.com

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