Room & Board is pleased to present Art & Home 2016, its 3rd annual art benefit exhibition supporting LA Family Housing. Sponsored by Angeleno Magazine, the opening reception will be held on October 26th, from 7-9pm.  More than 100 artists will sell artwork priced at $400 with 50% of the sales going to LAFH and 50% to the artist. The artwork will be for sale at Room & Board through November 4th.

Participating artists

Lillian Abel
Irina Alimanestianu
Julie Arnoff
Krista Augius
Nurit Avesar
Amadea Bailey
Denice Bartels
Debby Beck
Ellie Blankfort
Pip Bloomfield
Jodi Bonassi
Mary Bonic
Wine Brewer
Richard Bruland
Gagah Carvalho Leite
Gregg Chadwick
Deedee Cheriel
Jennifer Cheung
Yaya Chou
Trine Churchill
Clough Chad
Jeffrey Crussell
Judy Csotsits
Bibi Davidson
Silvie Deutsch
Dillon Alexandra
Walpa D’Mark
Dani Dodge
Kevin Donlin
Marsha Effron Barron
Betsy Enzensberger
Carol Es
Susan Feldman
Mitchell Friedman
Jodi Fuchs
Steve Fujimoto
Corina Gamma
Judith Gandel-Golden
Frank Gentile
Lesley Goren
Yossi Govrin
Pamela Grau
Betty Green
Mark Steven Greenfield
Cie Gumucio
Christine Haenen
Fielden Harper
Gus Harper
Zeal Harris
Mick Hicks
Hill & Stump
Joanne Horton
Patricia Howard
Laura Hull
Larry Hurst
Scott Hyers
Ken Jones
Nina Jun
Tom Kaminski
Yoko Kanayama
Campbell Laird
Dean Larson
Laura Larson
Kate Leachman
Jerome LeBlanc
Jonna Lee
Kathy Leeds
Susan Lizotte
Ana Marini-Genzon
Luigia Martelloni
Lynne McDaniel
David McDonald
Stacie Jaye Meyer
Ashley Mistriel
MariaLuisa Morando
Jackie Nach
Jim Newberry
Peggy Nichols
Steven Nilsson
Nancy Nimoy
Karin Nord
Sabine Pearlman
Lynda Pizzuto
Caroline PM Jones
Olga Ponomarenko
Michael Provart
Richard Ruthsatz
Lisa Segal
Diane Silver
Doni Silver Simons
Stacy Simmons
Melinda Smith Altshuler
Sarah Stone
Valerie Suter
Theodore Svenningsen
Jill Sykes
Holly Tempo
Mike Vegas
Hung Viet Nguyen
Valerie Wilcox
Karen Woo
Madeleine Wories
Joan Wulf
Rimi Yang

About LAFH

Since 1983, LAFH has grown to become the largest provider of affordable housing in the San Fernando Valley and a best practices provider of basic needs and homeless services throughout Greater Los Angeles. LAFH is a unique housing provider because its services and real estate development address the full continuum of care for homeless and low-income households, from temporary housing to permanent rental housing, all linked to supportive services.

The agency maintains a 92% success rate in placing families in permanent, independent housing. Each year, our wraparound service and housing continuum helps more than 500 households transition from the streets to housing stability. By balancing housing costs with basic needs, offering supportive services to increase self-sufficiency, and preserving and increasing the stock of affordable housing in LA, our work helps to build neighborhood infrastructure and inject economic growth into low-income communities.

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