Co-curated by Sharsten Plenge, Young Projects is pleased to present Lieux-Dits the first US solo exhibition by Montreal-based artist Sabrina Ratté. An opening reception will be held on October 6th from 5:30-9:30pm.

Extending the flatness of the image into multidimensional habitats, Ratté’s latest works for Young Projects explore the nature of the electronic image as physical space, residing in both tangible and virtual expanses. On view will be a survey of the artist’s works in addition to new site-specific installations exploring video as environment— including works such as Common Areas, a sprawling, room-sized, four-channel installation; Immeuble-Villas, an aluminum print with video augmentation, and several single-channel videos & GIFs.

Drawn by atmosphere and spatial memory, Ratté utilizes video to revel in the transparencies of epistemological space. Dematerializing photographs she captures from “reality,” Ratté works between realms of interference— interweaving analog techniques with digital software to create spaces rich with texture and luminosity. “Sculpting electronic signals into architectures,” her practice permeates from a deep-rooted interest in engaging with the image itself and extending the parameters inherent to its frame.

Sabrina Ratté’s video practice investigates the creation of virtual environments generated by analog technologies. Approaching electricity as raw material, she sculpts, transforms and alters the digital image into luminous and vibrating architectures. Her work exists on the edge of science-fiction, between abstraction and figuration, utopia and dystopia, architecture and landscape. She has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and platforms, concurrent to her audiovisual project with electronic composer and musician Roger Tellier-Craig as Le Révélateur. Spanning installations, GIFs, prints and live performances, her works have been exhibited with Paddles On! 1st Digital Art Auction at Phillips (New York), EMPAC (Troy), Museum of the Moving Image (New York), the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2016 Pulse New York – Contemporary Art Fair, BIAN (Montreal), the Lampo series (Chicago), Elektra (Montreal), MUTEK (Montreal, Mexico, Barcelona). Her videos have been released on DVD by San Francisco label Root Strata and with video label Undervolt & Co. She is part of the online collective Computers Club and is represented by Laffy Maffei Gallery (Paris).

Dislocated in time, these manifestations are precursors for Ratté’s recent articulations of hybrid image-objects where the virtual habitat stretches from the monitor or projected wall into actual wallpapers and augmented architectural settings. Designating the printed and moving image as a surface spanning physical architectural facades, Ratté invokes trompe l’oeil and forced perspective to suspend us between frames.

For more information, please visit: youngprojectsgallery.com

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