Seann Brackin: Mapping Time at Louis Stern Fine Arts: September 15, 2018 – November 3, 2018

In his first solo exhibition at Louis Stern Fine Arts, Seann Brackin’s effervescent artworks are having constant
conversations within his joyful, boisterous compositions. In the artist’s sumptuously layered canvasses, curved forms boomerang explosively outward and
luminous spheres orbit one another in a lively dance. They are filled with exuberant energy. In a nod to the primal and universal nature of visual expression, Brackin employs simple, traditional materials and techniques: oils, raw canvas, and graphite, using a pin-and-thread compass and precise freehand to execute his hard edges.

This body of work contains the reflections of the nomadic artist, who has traveled and worked across the globe, or moving through and existing in time. Brackin expresses in his reactive abstractions the comingling of past, present, and future. The layers are neither distinct nor linear, with nostalgia,
present joy, hope and trepidation entangled in a complex tapestry as they are in the human mind. These compositions do not instruct but invite the viewer to delight in their rich vocabulary and construct a response and meaning that is wholly unique to each individual.

Brackin received his BFA in painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate University in painting and sculpture.

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