Shockboxx Project Gallery presents “Summertime Art Show”¬†featuring the works of Laura Schuler, Betsy Enzensberger, Priscilla Witte, Drica Lobo, Theodosia Marchant, Katya Usvitsky and Adnohia jewelry. The show will run from August 5th through August 17th. An opening reception will be held on August 5th from 7-10pm.


About Shockboxx

Shockboxx Project Gallery is a destination for art, art enthusiasts, art collectors and special events. ShockBoxx is a creative space that highlights an array of artists and styles. It’s a small space with big ideas.

Located in the small industrial area of Hermosa Beach, California, Shockboxx is the space where artists, curators, collectors and art patrons come together, moving the needle forward as they do. Count on us for one thing: we will not repeat our selves or our shows.

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