TAG gallery is proud to present it’s Reopening Show. The exhibition will run from Tuesday, May 16th through Saturday, June 10th, 2017. An opening reception will be held on May 20th from 5-8pm.


Donn Delson – Aerials

Though married to the earth, Donn Delson finds himself perpetually drawn to the sky for the unencumbered, unfamiliar, and consistently wondrous perspective it provides. Fortunately, Delson has no fear of heights and loves the adrenalin rush as he shoots from ‘doors off’ helicopters. “I have to regularly remind myself that the only way I can share the magnificence of what I’m seeing is to remember to click the shutter.”

The aerial series is a combination of his love of the unexpected perspective, often incorporating the abstract, symmetry, and the enigmatic. For those of us who would tremble at the thought of hanging out of a helicopter from heights up to 10,000 feet, Delson’s images afford the viewer a rarely seen eagle’s eye view of our world below.

Delson produces high resolution, large format pigment prints, often 48 x 72 inches, face mounted under specially manufactured clear acrylic for maximum clarity, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves visually in his work.

Jerry Hardin – Bone Sculpture

Artist Jerry Hardin’s debut exhibition at TAG Gallery entitled Bone Sculpture showcases Hardin’s mastery over the complex yet sublime medium of bone. Organic in nature and protected from the sun and water, bone has an unlimited life span which is exploited by the artist as he carves and builds sculpture that reflects our times and concerns. Hardin finds bone innately expressive, where dynamic action and personality can be found in its’ many grooves, curves, textures and shapes.

To this end Hardin utilizes bone to suggest inferences about form that are distinctive and sensational, alluding to structural imagery and subject matter that is both natural and imagined. Consequently, this work touches upon elements of rebirth and resurrection. Taking what was once alive, Hardin molds and crafts the material with his own mortal touch, breathing in a new found utility for his individual pieces that elevates Bone Sculpture from being an exhibition showcasing sculpture to one showcasing repurposed life. It is Hardin’s desire to bring unique communication and beauty to the viewer with these bones

Gary Polonsky – Munchies

Our favorite munchies, whatever they might be, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, are all represented in Polonsky’s latest work from his on-going food series. The exhibition entitled Munchies incorporates large-scale, vibrant, three-dimensional artworks that are dramatic testament to our cravings for our favorite foods and the human desire to consume.

Polonsky continues his exploration of materials and the creative process itself, utilizing engineering, sculpting and painting to create his fully rendered, textured, and sculptured canvases. The food series implores viewers to touch and experience each piece as it’s own installation, with every angle offering a new and profound experience of the work.

From the huge Heinz Ketchup bottle to the more reasonably sized bag of Jack in the Box Onion Rings, to the Club Sandwich, Munchies never fails to treasure the novelty of fun in its pieces. Are you hungry yet?

Linda Sue Price – Enlightened Systems

Alt-facts are not new but they have become more prevalent. There is a systemized effort to delegitimize truth by creating fake news that feeds into conspiracy fears and cynicism. It is an attempt to create enough confusion so that touchstones can be lost.

Enlightened Systems is a response coming from the perspective of civility where there is a sense of inclusivity and respect. Black Elk, an indigenous Great Plains medicine man, speaks of this in his quote, “All things are our relatives.”

This was not an uncommon perception of the world prior to the Greeks. Around 450 BC, philosophers known as Sophists thought that “man is the measure” of everything. They believed that the only things that matter are human beings and the way we see the world. As their philosophy developed, human beings were elevated to one of greater importance.

The Black Crow quote embraces a different system of thought. All things are our relatives is a form of the golden rule but is more inclusive—a system of thought and enlightenment that asks us to be kind, tolerant and respectful of all life.

In this series, the artist represents elements that make up the whole from healing plants, chemicals that destroy and the out of control—weeds. Respect is the bottom line.

About TAG Gallery

Established in 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation, TAG Gallery is a member-owned community of forty artists. Through the physical gallery in Miracle Mile as well as lectures from exhibiting and visiting artists, TAG Gallery has become a valuable resource for launching the careers of both emerging and mid-career artists based in the greater Los Angeles area. For more information about TAG Gallery, please visit www.taggallery.net.

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