The Fathom Gallery presents “Capturing Fashion: Derujinsky” Book Signing

The Critical Eye By Phil Tarley

Fathom Gallery book signing October 17, 2016 – CAPTURING FASHION: DERUJINSKY BY ANDREA DERUJINSKY. Published by Flammarion, Paris. Distributed by Rizzoli, New York.

It’s a rare treat to watch a dedicated archivist conserve the life’s work of a master photographer and present the world a cogently curated, groundbreaking, coffee table book. Such is the love story book project Andrea Derujinsky gave to her long departed father, the master fashion photographer Gleb Derujinsky, and to the rest of us who buy her stunning book.

Gleb Derujinsky invigorated the fashion industry with his glamorous, exotic, and often unconventional photographs. His career as a fashion photographer took off in the golden age of haute couture, when Balenciaga and Pierre Balmain were at the top of their game. Although air travel was still reserved for the lucky few, Derujinsky convinced his editors to send him around the world to photograph beautiful models draped in expensive gowns juxtaposed against rough desert dunes or glittering ocean sunsets. Scheduled Boeing 707, TWA and PAN AM flights did not actually begin until 1959, but in 1957, Gleb got a jet and took two assistants and his favorite model Ruth Neumann, to 11 countries in 25 days to shoot a year’s worth of cover shots and fashion spreads. Later on the photographer married his model and she became the author, Andrea Derujinsky’s, mother.

The beefy hardcover book has 200 color and b&w illustrations, a forward by Eileen Ford and a compelling and intimate monograph by Andrea Derujinsky.

Derujinsky photographs were revolutionary and gave rise to the mystique and glamour that are now pervasive in fashion. This man was the quintessential Renaissance man—not only a photographer, he was also an award-winning cinematographer, commercial director, inventor, WWII veteran, world traveler, jewelry designer, musician, ski instructor, Ferrari America race-car driver, and champion glider pilot! From 1950-1970 his photographs appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Look, Life, Glamour, Town and Country, and The New York Times Magazine. CAPTURING FASHION: DERUJINSKY is the first book to celebrate his significant contributions to the history of fashion and photography.

Fathom is presenting the October release of the book as a teaser to a future Derujinsky solo show they are planning. Andrea Derujinsky will be speaking about her father’s work and signing books on Monday October 17th 2016 from 2:30 – 3:30 PM on the 5th floor of the California Market Center as a special part of their month-long fashion event. RSVP:  info@fathom.gallery

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