The Orange County Center for Contemporary art presents the holiday group show/sale “ArtStart”. The show will run from November 5th to December 10th, 2016. Two receptions will be held; one November 5th 6-10pm and one December 3rd 6-10pm.

The purpose of ArtStart is to offer gallery-quality art by professional artists at affordable prices to beginning art collectors, art lovers, and the general public. We all love popular mass-produced art forms like movies, books, and music. Original works of fine art should be accessible to the public as well. Get your work out there and into the world.

5% of sales will go to the Corbin Family Resource Center/ Children’s Bureau

Robin Repp, Abe Moya, Janet Inez Adams, Evalynn Alu, Carolyn Yarnell, Vincent Benitez, Beverly Jacobs, Eduardo Bonilla, Elizabeth Boretz, Jorn Fox, Stephen Anderson, Nancy Caster, Chung-Ping Chen, Annie Clavel, Joelle Cooperrider, David Levy, Diana Ghoukassian, Betsy Enzensberger, Mo Camacho, Robert Ball, Ann Fanciullo Sperling, Karen Feuer-Schwager, Jeffrey Frisch, Shelley Heffler, Sierra Holloway, Ron Howlett,Kebe Fox, Echo Lew, Marianna Baker, Rojean Maciula, Janet Milhomme, Lena Moross, Nicholas Nicola, Jennifer Peck, Eva Andry, Kate Ryan, Sofia Pushkarshaya, Aaron Rathbone, Rich Bohn, Steve Roberts, Nate Rupp, Dale Marie Stephens, Eric Stogner, Hirotaka Suzuki, Maureen Vastardis, Riley Waite, Thom Wright, Tomi Yang, Michael Ziobrowski, N. Red Caritte

for more information, please visit: www.occca.org

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