Though married to the earth, Donn Delson finds himself perpetually drawn to the sky for the unencumbered, unfamiliar, and consistently wondrous perspective it provides. Fortunately, Delson has no fear of heights and loves the adrenalin rush as he shoots from ‘doors off’ helicopters. “I have to regularly remind myself that the only way I can share the magnificence of what I’m seeing is to remember to click the shutter.”


The aerial series is a combination of his love of the unexpected perspective, often incorporating the abstract, symmetry, and the enigmatic. For those of us who would tremble at the thought of hanging out of a helicopter from heights up to 10,000 feet, Delson’s images afford the viewer a rarely seen eagle’s eye view of our world below.

Delson produces high resolution, large format pigment prints, often 48 x 72 inches, face mounted under specially manufactured clear acrylic for maximum clarity, encouraging viewers to immerse themselves visually in his work.

TAG Gallery
Established in 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation, TAG Gallery is a member-owned community of forty artists. Through the physical gallery in Miracle Mile as well as lectures from exhibiting and visiting artists, TAG Gallery has become a valuable resource for launching the careers of both emerging and mid-career artists based in the greater Los Angeles area. For more information about TAG Gallery, please visit www.taggallery.net.

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